The Manual

Combat Missions (Missions)

Missions are an RTS engagement on a 3D map. You will control 1-5 swarms of beetles that fluidly move to where you tell them to go and do…what they want to do. You don’t have to tell them to attack, they do that as soon as they can, you must just decide where and when. Achieve the objectives listed and you’ll win. It can be very useful to use <shift><click> or double-click to force a swarm to move to a location without being disctracted by targets.

Missions are available in most Lot Map Areas and essentially guard the resources within. Each area you wish to access will have to be found and scouted to take control of the Area. If an Area has an incomplete mission waiting, the Area will be marked Hostile, any task done there will have a severe penalty to success rates and a much greater chance of injuring or KILLING the beetle you send. It’s a good idea to clear a mission at least at a 1 star level before doing too many tasks.

Each mission has 3 objectives and you can earn stars when completing each objective. This will give you unique genetic rewards in the form of an egg. This egg can be hatched in your Nest and then added to your gene pool through the process of Breeding. These eggs not only provide new statistics, they also contain new Attack Types that you can ONLY earn through these missions. In general, the third star objective is the hardest and gives you an egg with a rare stat.

Missions can be done repeatedly and can earn you those unique eggs each time. This can make breeding offspring with the new stats a little easier. However, you must pay the cost for cloning a combat swarm each time and this can get quite expensive in Goop cost. Each mission will have objectives which give you a 1, 2 and 3 Star reward which provides valuable eggs for genetic inclusion. Feel free to get 3 stars in each area at your own pace. It might be easier to achieve the 3 star objective after making use of the egg from the 1 star objective.

If necessary, you can Retreat from combat using the <esc> menu.

Attack Type Advantages

Beetles with a specific Attack Type may have a combat advantage over other Beetles. More information on this is available in the manual page for the Swarm Maker. To see what Attack Types a swarm has during combat, hold down the <ctrl> key. This also shows you a reminder of which Attack Types have the advantage.