The Manual

The World Map

It’s only the map of a vacant lot, but it is the world to your beetles! This map will show you where you are and where you can go on the lot. It will also tell you about Missions and Tasks and allow you to choose where you will send your Beetles. Missions are for combat and Tasks are for resources. The map is divided into Areas with initially hidden resources that you must uncover and collect. Each Task and the Mission will have an icon that you can click on to begin.


Tasks can be one of 3 possible types.

  1. Forage. These tasks provide food needed by your beetles. The description can give you an idea of what you might find. Completion of these is dependent on the stats of the beetle you send on the task, so check to see how well they will do before you BEGIN a task.
  2. Scavenge. These tasks provide items needed by your beetles. Like forage tasks, scavenge tasks display the chance of success and what you might get. The items fulfill needs that the beetles have like Grooming, Sleeping and Playing. Scavenge tasks ratings are affected by different stats than Foraging so make sure you check what your chance of success is before you begin.
  3. Explore. These tasks uncover a new Area or new Tasks in the selected area. This discovery allows you to then select them for future exploitation. Exploring can also uncover information about an area's Combat Mission defender/s. In more difficult areas you may find it useful to risk some probing of the area for this information before you attack.

Remember all Tasks are influenced by the beetle’s stats and beetles with high well-balanced stats tend to do better on any Task. Moreover, Perception has the single greatest impact on success rates of tasks but more limited value during combat since your beetle may seem easily distracted. So, make sure you consider that when you’re breeding.

All areas are connected in some way, but you can only access areas that are adjacent to areas you have already Explored. The little “paths” between Areas will indicate which areas are accessible.